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I have been selling my items with Preselected Couture for half a year and I have had a very positive experience. The customer service is very good and I always get answers to my questions and the required support. The sales platform is easy to use and my products are on average sold within 30 days. I am very happy to work with Preselected Couture and recommend it to my friends!
– Helen (Business Seller)
I am regularly buying and selling items online and am very happy with Preselected Couture. The items I have ordered were delivered on time and were in the condition described by the seller. I contacted the seller for more information regarding my items and received an answer and additional photos promptly. After the items were delivered, I was given time to inspect them according to the platform policy and complain if something was wrong; but the quality was perfect! Thank you very much.
– Alina (Fashion Buyer)
As a local luxury second-hand shop owner, I have a limited number of clients who know about my shop. Working with Preselected Couture gave me worldwide exposure and increased my sales. I use the Listing Service that is offered by the company and therefore do not worry about the uploading and taking photos of the products or about the monitoring of the sales process. If I sell an item directly in my shop, I contact the Listing Service and the item is removed from the platform.
– D-Shop (Luxury Second Hand Shop)




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