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PRESELECTED COUTURE offers stylists, interior designers, local second-hand shops and individual sales people a Reseller Program if you plan to sell more than 50 Items a year. We offer you very attractive special conditions and Listing Services at reduced price. For special conditions please contact us directly. You can use our online shop as your sales platform and you don’t need to be a sales superstar in order to be a successful reseller. Open your shop on PRESELECTED COUTURE Vendor Dashboard and we’ll help you to turn your passion into cash!

In our experience, there are three rules for becoming a successful reseller:

Rule A: Networking

  • Build your social network on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube and maintain contacts regularly.
  • Always “Like” pages and posts of other people with similar interests, create fashion boards on Pinterest, follow other people on twitter in order to increase your network.
  • Use live networking: attend events, attract followers, invite friends and family.

Rule B: List and Display your items properly

  • Use high quality photos for your items. Follow our photo guide instructions. Don’t forget to also show used or worn parts of your items. This avoids misunderstanding by buyers and will help get you a better vendor rating.
  • Use a fair price. We recommend offering at least 70% discount off RRP for gently used items. The items with visible signs of usage should be discounted by at least 80%.
  • Provide a precise and fair description of your items, describe how the item fits.
  • It is always a good idea to have a confirmation of authentication. See authentication details here.

Rule C: Prompt delivery

  • Make sure that after the item is sold you deliver it promptly. Make sure that your sale items are clean and nicely packed so your customers will give your shop a top star rating that will in turn guarantee your future success as a reseller!
  • We do our best to support you by increasing your sales with our newsletters, educational materials, fashion blogs and social media presence. You can contact us anytime if you have questions.

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