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If You Want To Sell

Our sales process is very simple, you can choose to photograph or upload your items yourself or get help from our listing specialists just request our Listing Services. If you choose to delegate all the work, then jump directly to the step 5!
We charge a very competitive low rates of commission, starting from just 5%. The rate depends on a service level you choose, as below:

  1. 5% – if you are listing an item with AUTHESCA ID tag (read about it here)
  2. 15% if you are listing an item without the tag
  3. 30% if you would like us to photograph and list your items for you.

For Business Sellers who sell more than 50 items a year we offer special conditions.

If you have more than 10 items at once or you have an ebay / ricardo shop items and want to upload them to our platform, please contact us per E-mail to request a free Multiple Item Upload service. The items sold at your ebay / ricardo shop will be deleted from our platform automatically.

If you want to remain anonymous to your buyers, we offer you a Private Account registration option.

1. Take Pictures of Your Items

Before you start, please make sure you are registered as a Vendor using  the Login Page. If you are already logged in, then go to the Sell Online page. Please note that you need to have a valid PayPal account in order to become a verified vendor.

Take 4 pictures of your items. Please see our Photo Guide for help.

2. Submit Your Items for Approval

Describe your items on the Add Product Page in your Vendor Dashboard by clicking on the “Sell Now” button, add pictures, add Regular Price (RRP Price) and Sales Price (Your Price), specify Shipping Costs according to the Shipping Information and submit to us for approval!

Please see our Size Tables if you need help specifying the size of your item.

We will check your items, approve, adjust your photos and activate them online for sale within 24 hours.

3. You Pack and Ship Your Items

Once the item is sold, you will receive our Packaging Kit. Pack the item and ship to the buyer using an authorised courier service.

Please mark the item as Shipped on the “Orders” Page in your Vendor Dashboard and add the Courier Number and the Courier Company Name by clicking the link on the right hand side of the order.

4. Online Authentication

For some designers, we require authenticity confirmation. This can be arranged by sending your item to us for authentication and issuing an AUTHESCA ID tag or obtaining an authenticity certificate from one of our 3rd party authentication services. We will notify you if authentication confirmation is required. 

5. You get Paid

In 3 working days after the item has been received by the buyer, provided  no objections have been made, you will receive payment for the item sold into your PayPal account.


If You Want To Buy

1. Select the Item You Love

Browse through the catalogue of available items and discover our great selection of new or gently used items with up to 90% off!

2. Pay Using Secure Payment System

Your payment will be held for up to 3 calendar days after you receive the item, after which payment will be released to the seller.  The payment will only be stopped or held further if you submit an objection and proof that the item delivered was not as described.

3. Check the Item upon Delivery by a Courier

If no objections have been submitted by You, payment will be transferred to the seller 3 days after receiving the item.

For returns and for more information, please see Return Policy.

4. Accept the Item and Enjoy!

Please complete the Vendor Feedback. On your Member Account Page – select the order and click the Leave Feedback link.

Don’t like the item you just have bought? No worries! You can apply for an emergency Relist within 24 hours after delivery.


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