Shipping Information

For the shipping of your items we recommend that you use a reputable courier service with a tracking option for your valuable items and that offers insurance if an item is lost.

By listing an item on our sales platform we have automatically set Flat Rate based shipping costs based on standard UK Royal Mail costs for National and International shipping. This can be changed by vendor and be set per each product separately. The shipping costs will be added to the total cost automatically based on the physical location of the buyer and can be changed by changing the shipping address. You can see shipping costs by selecting the shipping destination using our Shipping Calculator. The shipping costs are set per default as £8.00 for National and £18.00 for International Shipping. When vendor would like to change flate rate shipping costs, they have to do it manually using Vendor Dashboard Shipping Settings Page. For changing the shipping costs per product vendors have to contact us per e-mail at

For bulky items like furniture we offer the Local Pickup option only. The buyer has an option to contact the seller and arrange special delivery at his own additional costs.

We recommend you to check the average shipping costs for similar items using shipping calculators provided on the UPS, DHL and TNT websites in order to determine a fair rate for your buyers.

As soon as the buyer pays for the item, we will dispatch by post a package kit and shipping label that you can use to post the packaged the item.

Once the item is shipped, it is a good idea to keep the buyer informed; so please mark it as shipped on  your Vendor Dashboard Orders Page, select the courier service, and add the tracking number. We recommend you complete the shipping promptly, so to ensure  good feedback from the buyer. Please keep in mind that with international delivery customs charges can apply which can potentially increase the delivery time and cost of the item.

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